Tapeworm dosing in horses

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With the cold and wet weather more of our ponies are coming in off their summer grazing for longer periods of time, this is the perfect opportunity to be thinking about Tapeworm.

For other intestinal worms we usually recommend faecal sampling each horse 4x a year.
If there are less than 200-250 worm eggs per gram of faeces then there is no need to treat with a de-wormer. This saves money and reduces the risk of resistance forming to the de-wormers we use.
Unfortunately it is not possible to reliably test faecal samples for tapeworm eggs. However, there is a blood sample we can take to test for exposure to them.

We usually recommend DOSING FOR TAPEWORM ONCE IN THE AUTUMN (NOW!) and again in the Spring. Ideally we blood sample to check for tapeworm exposure in the spring and if this is negative then dosing would not be required.

Wormers which dose for tapeworm include drugs called Pyrantel (double dosing treats for tapeworm) and Praziquantel.
It is worth estimating your horse’s weight as accurately as possible before dosing. Usually a weigh tape is the easiest method but we would recommend dosing for 10% more than the weight displayed to allow for error.

***We have tapeworm de-wormers in stock, pop in any time or call us at the practice for more information.***

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