Meet the Donview Team

Meet the nurses at Donview Veterinary Centre!


Jennifer O'Connor head nurse
Jennifer O’Connor
BSc (Hons) RHVN A1
Head Veterinary Nurse

Jennifer began gaining work experience in a number of practices in Fife as an early teenager. At the age of 16, she joined Napier University in Edinburgh to study towards a degree in veterinary nursing.

In 2004, Jennifer obtained her veterinary nursing certificate and in 2005 qualified with a BSc honours degree in veterinary nursing.

After graduating, she began working at a neighbouring practice in Fife, before joining us in 2006 as head veterinary nurse.

In 2008, she gained her A1 Assessor Certificate and is now actively involved in student nurse training.

Lindsey Crichton nurse
Lindsey Crichton
RVN BSc (Hons) Zoology
Registered Veterinary Nurse

Lindsey began working part-time at a Veterinary Practice in Ellon at the age of 17 where she continued to work whilst undertaking a degree in Zoology at Aberdeen University in 2001, graduating with First Class Honours in 2005.

In 2005, Lindsey began working full-time at a practice in Aberdeen and started her Veterinary Nurse training at Thurso College in 2007.

Lindsey joined Donview in 2007 where she continued her Veterinary Nurse training, before qualifying in 2009.

In 2014, Lindsey gained her Clinical Coach Certificate in training student Veterinary Nurses.

Leanne Morrison nurse
Josie McBride
BSc (Hons) RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Josie studies for her nursing degree at Napier University in Edinburgh and was at Donview on a placement as a student nurse. She joined the practice as a staff member in July 2016.

Leanne Morrison nurse
Leanne Morrison

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Leanne undertook her nurse training at the SRUC Barony in Dumfries whilst working at Meadows Vets in Oldmeldrum. She finished her studies in 2003 and since then continued working at Meadows. She started working at Donview in May 2014.

Jayne McGarvie nurse
Jayne McGarvie
Registered Veterinary Nurse

In 2003, Jayne began studying at Clinterty College in Aberdeen and obtained her Higher National Diploma in Animal Care and Management in 2005.

Jayne worked temporarily at a practice in Oldmeldrum before going on to work at an Aquatic and Small Animal Pet Shop.

In 2007, Jayne joined Donview and completed an Animal Nursing Assistant course at Thurso College, qualifying in 2010.

Jayne became a qualified Veterinary Nurse in January 2013.

Emma Tomlinson nurse
Emma Tomlinson
Student Veterinary Nurse

Emma joined us in August 2014. She worked for Donview as an animal care assistant. She is currently studying to become a qualified veterinary Nurse at the College of Animal Welfare in Edinburgh. Part of her studies involves working at Donview as a placement. Once qualified she will get a green uniform and join our qualified nursing team! She should finish in 2019.

Cate Ellison Nurse
Cate Ellison
Animal Care Assistant

Cate had been working as a receptionist at Donview for three years and transferred into the role of an animal care in May 2016 assistant


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