Ticks being repelled by an effective treatment

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Tick video – click to view Look away if you don’t like beasties! This is a great video showing how effective tick treatments prevent ticks feeding and therefore spreading diseases like Lymes disease to our pets. Most tick treatments do not work this way – ticks have to feed first, please give us a call or pop in for advice …

How Vets water hanging baskets!

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Our Aggers pump can deliver 20 litres of life saving fluids and nutrients to cattle in a matter of minutes. It’s also pretty useful for watering the hanging baskets. from Donview Veterinary Centre http://ift.tt/2b3zwr8 via IFTTT

Equine tendon scanning 

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Here’s Danton the horse. A very well behaved boy he was for Mike and Charlie as they were out scanning and X-raying him today as part of a lameness investigation! from Donview Veterinary Centre http://ift.tt/2b18Fy4 via IFTTT

Introducing our new Equine Vet

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Introducing Dr Mike Burrell to our equine team! Mike has joined Donview to underpin a high level of equine work and will be running a mobile referral service for other practices in the North East of Scotland. Mike has spent 35 years as an Equine practitioner at Glasgow University, The Animal Health Trust, Newmarket and as a senior partner of …