This is scary news, babesia was a disease we were taught about at Vet school l, but we’re told it’s an African disease and not one we have in the UK. We now have it in North East Scotland. It’s now very important to protect your pets, please bear in mind that not all tick products treat all species of tick and not all kill ticks quick enough to prevent disease spread. It’s also important for us humans to check for ticks if we are it walking. Lyme’s disease in common in this area and now we have babesiosis. We can’t legally list which tick products are effective enough against ticks as it’s classed as advertising prescription medicines so please ask us if you need a recommendation. BBC News – Tick-borne parasite found in Scottish sheep in UK first

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Tick-borne parasite found in Scotland in UK first
Scientists have detected the tick-borne parasite in sheep in the north east of Scotland.
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November 20, 2019 at 07:50PM