Exciting professional development day at Donview Vets yesterday!

Donview Practice News

We were honored to have Anne French up from Glasgow Vet School yesterday to teach our vets how to undertake advanced heart ultrasound scans yesterday. Anne is highly respected in the Vet world and taught most of us as students, she is a lecturer and senior cardiologist at the vet school! Heart scanning is a specialist technique that usually has to be referred to a cardiologist so its exciting to be developing this skill at Donview. Thankfully due to continued high level investment in our equipment our ultrasound scanner is top of the range (we use many times a day for abdominal scans) so could already undertake heart scans, its just such a specialist technique that its not something vets can teach themselves, so we managed to arrange for Anne to come up and teach us. Thanks to Pepsi, Levi and Noddy of Halfpenny-Farm Animal Sanctuary for allowing us to scan them (they were due heart scans anyway!)

from Donview Veterinary Centre http://bit.ly/2TFssaH