**New fatal virus in rabbits** 

Donview Practice News

There have been recent cases of RVHD 2 in rabbits in the area, usually this disease is untreatable and causes sudden death with no signs of illness before. Unfortunately it has come over from Europe and the UK vaccine only protects against the RVHD 1 virus. We are importing the RVHD 2 vaccine and it should be with us on Monday 6th November. We recommend vaccinating all rabbits for this disease ASAP, and any not vaccinated for myxomatosis and the UK strain of RVHD to vaccinate for these too. We are offering the vaccine for RVHD 2 at £21.91; we are keeping this low and covering our costs only to try and protect as many rabbits as possible. We recently reduced the cost of our myxomatosis and RVHD1 vaccine to £29. Including a free vet health check at Inverurie or Kintore, Aberdeenshire.

from Donview Veterinary Centre http://ift.tt/2z9Rvti