COVID-Updates and FAQs


We are currently able to offer the following services

  1. We are seeing most cases that need an appointment at Inverurie and Kintore.
  2. Medications can be collected or posted/delivered, please call to order prescription medicines and please order flea/tick/wormer via your text reminder.
  3. Small animal vaccinations are being undertaken.
  4. We have restarted horse vaccines as long as our vets are able to socially distance.

If you are self-isolating, please let us know. We can then ensure we give you the best advice,
whilst keeping our teams safe.

    Pets and Covid-19

    Can my pet give me COVID19?

    No, there is no evidence that says your pet can infect you with the COVID19 virus.

    The biggest risk to you is another person with the virus so you need to follow the government recommendations of social distancing and washing your hands.

    We advise that you wash your hands before and after playing with and feeding your pet, and that you don’t touch anyone else’s pet.

    Can animals get infected with COVID19 virus?

    A very small number of animals have tested positive for the virus. They have always been in contact with a person with COVID19. We don’t think that they can spread the virus.

    They are, however, like any other ‘surface’ (e.g. a door handle or shopping trolley) so if they are touched by an infected person they could carry it on their fur. So, please wash your hands before and after handling them to keep yourself safe.

    Do I need to keep my cat inside?

    No, if your cat usually goes outside then it may harm their health and welfare if you shut them inside.


    Can I bring my pet in for their annual vaccination booster?

    Yes, these are now continuing as normal. Please book this via the link in your reminder text/email.

    When will horse vaccines restart?

    Horse vaccines are continuing as normal.

    Can I bring my puppy or kitten in for an initial vaccination course?

    Yes, these are available now.

    What about if my pet is due the 2nd vaccine of the course?

    Second vaccinations can be booked with one of our nurses.

    Why do we vaccinate yearly?

    Every year we advise a physical check to assess your pet’s general health. At this same time, we give a vaccination to boost their immunity to certain important diseases that affect our pets. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that we boost the immunity every 12 months. We are now delaying these until 15 months.

    Is it safe not to vaccinate?

    Currently, due to regulations about social distancing, people are not contacting each other and their pets are not contacting each other or their wider environment as much as usual. This means (in most cases) the risk of pets becoming infected with the the diseases we vaccinate against is also reduced.

    Your pet should still have some immunity to these diseases. A slight decrease in their immunity from the delay is outweighed by the risk to you of being exposed to Coronavirus during a visit to the practice.

    When can my pet get its booster?

    You will get a text message or email when we can vaccinate your pet, please book this in via the link.

    Will I have to restart the course of vaccinations?

    Our Vets will advise you based on your pet’s vaccination history and how overdue the booster is, as to whether this will be required or not. Most of the time this will not be necessary, if it is you will only pay for one injection.

    What about social contact?

    At this time of social distancing, close contact with other pets is likely to be reduced. If you feel your pet is a high risk due to your lifestyle (i.e. it is a working dog or you have breeding animals in your household, or as you have to go into work they spend time in doggy day-care/cattery) please call the practice and we can discuss the options for your pet in further detail.

    I have some worries about my pet, they’re not an emergency so what should I do?

    Please contact the practice  and we can advise or book them in to be seen by a vet.

    And what about in emergencies?

    We can see your pet if it is a true emergency. Please call the practice as you usually would, and we will organise for you or someone else to bring them to the practice so we can care for them. We have strict social distancing regulations in place at our premises and we will need you to follow our instructions to keep everyone safe.

    Routine appointments

    Can I bring in my pet for a health check?

    We are now undertaking appointments in the practice for all sick animals

    Food and medication

    Can I bring my pet in for nail clips? Or to have their anal glands expressed?

    We are now able to book these with our nurses, please give us a call.

    How can I get my repeat food orders or medicines for my pet?

    It is important that you continue to give your pet the appropriate food and medication and we will help make sure your pet gets what they need. Please contact your practice to make suitable arrangements.

    It would be a good idea to give at least 48 hours notice of your requirements to ensure we can get them to you when you need them.

    How can I get my flea, worms, tick and flystrike treatments?

    It is important that you continue to give your pet the appropriate treatments and we will help make sure your pet receives them. Please order these via your reminder text, we now have home delivery service, please try this!

    Operations and blood tests

    Can my pet still have planned operations e.g. neutering?

    We are starting to book these procedures in, however due to reduced staffing levels we have limited capacity so it may be that your pet has to wait longer than usual.

    Can my pet still have emergency operations?

    Absolutely! If your pet needs to see us in an emergency, then we will see them at the practice and if they need an operation, we can do this.

    What about ultrasounds and blood tests?

    Some of these procedures can still take place for the pets we see as an emergency. For some of the other planned procedures we may still proceed but at a later date. We will explain to you whether this is critical for your pet or not – please contact your practice to understand more.

    We are here to support you and your pet. Please contact us via phone or email, if you are worried about these changes. As healthcare professional we appreciate your ongoing support and understanding during these difficult times